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Meals To Have While On Holiday In Spain

Food is a very important part of any given holiday. The consideration is actually very important especially when you are not travelling alone. When with family especially with children, food is a major part of your entire holiday. You have to be sure that you will be able to provide your entire family with whatever they need during the entire tour. Food is actually a major determinant of how great your holiday will be and you may hear people talk about a holiday specifying very greatly on how good or how bad the food really was.

Food is actually something that you will find in plenty in Spain. Spaniards are said to be quite passionate about food. Wine is also a major part of dining and the Spanish cuisine is quite interesting and there is actually a lot to look forward to during meal times in Spain.

The cuisine can be illustrated as lightweight with plenty of vegetables and also a lot of fish and meat. The cuisine does not involve a lot of spices. The ingredients are usually of a very high quality and are able to give the food the best taste. This makes it perfect for the whole family. In the restaurants, you may easily find the Spanish dishes in plenty. If you prefer other cuisines, you can do so in some of the restaurants. There is fast food that is related to America, Chinese as well as Italian dishes. This only means that you can pick something that will work for you. In this way you can also experience different flavors making meal times all the more exciting.

The timetable for eating in Spain is a bit different from what many people are accustomed to. What you should remember is the times for the meals. When it comes to breakfast (el desayuno), coffee is the main thing. A galleta or Magdalena is a good accompaniment. A pastry may be enjoyed at midmorning. At around 12:00, a snack (el aperitivo) can be enjoyed. A beer may also be enjoyed as well as a baguette or pincho de tortilla.

Lunch (la comida) starts from 13:30 to 14:30. The meal has two courses and then dessert. A short siesta may follow after lunch especially when temperatures are high. Dinner (la cena) starts from 20:30 or even 21:00. It is lighter than lunch. Restaurants especially in Madrid start to open at 21:00 while most people come in for dinner at 23:00. Know all the meal times to avoid finding closed restaurants. La merienda is a snack that can be taken between lunch and dinner.

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Other Drinks That Can Be Enjoyed While On Spain Holiday

Visiting Spain is one of the best ideas that you will ever have and also one of the best decision. It is a country that has something for everyone. For people who love history, Spain is the best place to see all the things taught in history classes. For people who need to unwind, there are some of the best beaches and resorts where you can do so. This only means that Spain is an all round kind of place that has everyone’s interests at heart.

While on holiday, there is nothing better than having the best drinks ever. These are in plenty in the region. Cava is one of the favorites the land has to offer. The drink is basically sparkling wine. It used to be called the Spanish champagne but a dispute with the French people made the Spaniards settle for the name cava. The argument was that champagne may only be made of the grapes that are found in champagne which is a French region. None the less, cava is also quite a successful brand and has great recognition.

Cider or sidra is a drink that is most popular in Pais Vasco, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. Horchata is yet another drink that is non alcoholic. It is milky in a way and is made with sugar and tiger nuts. Alhoboraia which is a town very near Valencia is said to be the only place that you can get the best horchata, the drink is also produced here.

Sangria is yet another drink. It is made of fruits mixed with wines. The wines used in this case are the simple wines. The drink is mostly very abundant in places that are touristic in nature. The drink is also a favorite for the Spaniards especially when the summer is hot or when having fiestas. In the touristic regions such as Mallorca, the drink is served regardless of what season or fiesta there is. It is an everyday kind of thing. Try not to have a sangria at restaurants especially because it is specifically for foreigners in such cases. You may want to try the one made for the fiestas by the Spaniards themselves as it is far much better than the one served at the restaurants.

Another great drink is the sherry, sometimes called fino. The alcohol is up to 15%. You can have sherry at a bar but you have to refer to it as fino. There are different types of sherry. They include oloroso, amontillado and manzanilla.

All these can be enjoyed while in Spain.

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Accomodation During A Spain Holiday

One of the most important details about a holiday is the accommodation question. For any tour you might go for, accommodation takes center stage especially if you are travelling with your family and in the company of little ones. There is so much that comes from good accommodation and how much you enjoy a holiday deeply depends on how well rested you are.

In Spain, there are many options for accommodation. There are monasteries, camping areas, rented villas, pensions as well as hotels. The choice of one accommodation over the other will deeply depend on how well you can afford the choice at hand. When choosing an ideal place to stay, try to check the small print so as to know exactly what you are getting into. Some mid range hotels and guesthouses may use the trick of saying some part of the VAT (IVA) is not included as a way of attracting guests. You should know that is usually a trick at most times.

Spain has very friendly villages especially in the inland areas. Places like Alquezar are popular. The places are quite silent, isolated and the streets are medieval and narrow. You can find accommodation facilities as well as restaurants.

When you want an accommodation facility that is homely, the best option to consider is casa rural. The casa rural can be compared to bed and breakfast. A casa rural is not only found in the countryside as the name tends to suggest. You can find the houses in some small towns and are available in all provinces in Spain.

The price and quality of the casa rural may be different from one area to the next. In Galicia and some other regions, casa rural are inspected and controlled so as to make sure that regulations are adhered to. Some regions may not be as thorough.

Hotels are by far the most popular options for foreign visitors. In many instances, some tourists have the accommodation details at hotels organized by the many tour operators. When you are travelling alone however, you may be able to get accommodation at a hotel quite easily. There are very many hotels in Spain that can fit into any budget regardless of how tight it is. In regard to the hotels and accommodation facilities in Europe, Spain has the most high quality hotels and they are quite many.

Be sure of the place you will be staying in and it is also important that you go through the privacy policy of any accommodation facility to avoid any surprises.

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Bars As Social Places In Spain

Bars in Spain are a perfect way to meet people while in Spain. The bar areas are always very busy throughout and there are many people at the bars at all times. If you love interacting, the bars are the best places to hangout. To enter the bar premises, there are no restrictions that are imposed and therefore even the underage people may gain access. The teenagers and children are not served alcoholic drinks in most cases, the restrictions are usually well displayed at bar areas but enforcement is another issue.

There is a difference between clubs and pubs. The major difference is in the operating times. A pub will usually close at around 3:00 in the morning while clubs open up to as late as 8:00 in the morning. Clubs may be deserted when it gets late at night but that does not cause them to close early.

Weekends are the best times when one can go and enjoy drinks. People may start drinking from 11 pm up to 1 am. The time is a bit late when compared to other regions of Europe. Before the drinking starts, there is a lot that one can do including enjoying tapas. Dinner is also taken at this time at a restaurant if you they so wish.

Some people are usually home with their families before they leave to catch a drink. There are also times when people usually go for cultural events at various places.

If you are interested in dancing, it is advisable that you look for the place you want to go dancing sometime after 1 am because that is the time when you can find many clubs opening. The peak time for clubbing is at around 3 am.

To complete the Spanish experience, a chocolate breakfast with friends is a perfect way to end the night in style. The great taste of coffee will be greatly enjoyed.

Bars are perfect when you want to enjoy drinks as well as tapas. It is a great way to socialize and unwind from the pressures studies or work. Spaniards are very conscious about their drink and rarely will you ever see a man drunk on the streets or even at the bars. When a drink is ordered, tapas may be offered out of courtesy.

The tapas are also in different sizes and prices all through Spain. In Barcelona and Valencia, free tapas cannot be offered as they are mostly the expensive types. In most situations when you are at a tapas bar, you can also eat while you drink at no extra fee. The experience is just amazing.

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Enjoying Shopping In Spain

Spain is a place where you can get different experiences. It is also a place with so much potential that you will be simply dazed by all the things that can be sampled in the country. Spain is something of a wonder. There are so many attractions for tourism as well as some of the best places for business tours and trips. There are a lot of brands in Spain.

Trying to do some market research before the actual visit will highly help you know all the places that you should visit for all your shopping needs. It doesn’t have to be a totally and exclusive holiday for shopping. You can actually integrate a normal holiday at all the places of Spain with some time set aside for shopping. It is a great idea and you can actually hit two birds with one stone. The trip will be a great success.

When in Barcelona, there is a store that you should not miss. Custo Barcelona is a great place to start. It is a great store with branches in many areas. Its popularity is probably because that it is always well stocked and is also very easy to access.

Department stores are also quite common in Spain. There are very many national chain stores where you can acquire anything that you want. These can be found in almost all cities so do look out for them while visiting the Spanish cities. There are departments that cover different things.

The most popular department store is El Corte Ingles. It has branches in many cities in Spain. It also has the advantage of being located centrally in the cities where it has branches. It is however situated within buildings that are not really inspiring but which are totally functional. The departments have everything that you may need. For most purposes however, you may need to look someplace else. Local food and gourmet can easily be purchases at the store. The store is very famed especially amongst travelling shoppers who are uneducated. There are tax refunds when you make purchase.

Other chains include Casas. This is a chain of footwear store with lots of models. There are a lot of choices open for you and so is perfect for shopping. Another brand that is popular is camper. Camper shoes can be seen in many cities in Spain. They may be sold everywhere you go but the trick is actually finding a right fit so when you find something that fits, do not postpone. You may not be as lucky the next time.

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